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Mission: Our aim is that every SuperKid get to experience and learn about God in a FUN and loving way and in a safe and loving environment!

When: Every Sunday morning during our 10:15am service, for kids 12 months to 12yrs old.

What we do: SuperKids have fun learning from Gods word using interactive video clips and live teaching as well as creative crafts, fun worship songs and games that support the lesson!

SuperKids Mind Blowing Mondays

This is a fun after school program for kids in grades 4-6.
SuperKids runs every Monday that there is school from 4-5:30 (leaders are here at3:30 for any kids that get here early)

What we do: We play games, listen to a short message/challenge from one of our leaders, share prayer requests and take time to hang out with one another!

Moms Coffee Shop

Mission: Building Relationships between moms and their kids.

What we do:Would you like a morning out to visit with other mothers while your child has a great time with other children?

We would love to create an opportunity for fellowship among mothers while also providing stimulating atmosphere that allows their infants, toddlers and young children to interact with peers.

So come for a coffee, stay for a chitchat, share a laugh or ask a question. We would love to see you at MCS. It's very casual and lots of fun. We play and make new friends, remind little ones to use their words and sometimes have a theme or story.

After we tidy up we sing a few songs. Then it's time to say goodbye till next time. All in all it will be a morning well spent, or at least we think so!

So come join us on Wednesdays from 10 AM till 12 PM at Life Church (upstairs) CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK

Who we are for?: We are for moms with children of the age of 0-6

Culture Shock

Our Mission is to rise up a group of young people that will have a new and fresh desire for God and His purpose for their lives, and our goal is to create an atmosphere where young people will feel safe, loved, and encouraged to grow.

Life Classes

Life Classes run in three semesters throughout the year on wednesday nights at the church @7pm

Courses we are offering: Alpha, Sacred Marriage, Loving Kids on purpose, and many more. For more information on semester times and course listings contact the church.

Mountain Movers

We pray for God's purpose in all areas of society in our community, our province, and our nation. Mountain Movers meet Monday nights at 7pm at the church and is open to anyone who would like to join us in prayer.

Family Prayer

Family Prayer functions through personal requests from individuals on behalf of themselves, friends or family members. Prayer request can be submitted via email, phone or at the church.

Well Women

Vision: Creating relationships with sisters in Christ and outreaching into the community, empowering women of today and tomorrow, to have FUN!

What we do: We challenge women to jump off buildings, face the perils of white water rafting; create opportunity to showcase talents and business while serving our community; having nights of laughter, games and fun competition; honouring our men, single Moms and community services.

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